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Mrs. Lisa Campell

Mrs. Lisa Campell

From: Australia

Evaluated: 5 stars

 Reviewed on 5th September 2017

Treatment received: dental implant, wisdom tooth extraction

Hi my name is Lisa and I’m from Sydney and I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my journey with I-Dent Dental Implant Center.

Back home, over the years, I really started to hate my teeth.

It started with a general dislike, as the discolouration increased - eventually, it went from a light yellow and developed into something quite dark and I started to feel pain in my wisdom tooth and the stints of pain became longer and the time in between when I would feel quite serious became shorter.

Eventually, it was at the stage where I couldn’t really eat or think. I was famously snappy and short fused! 

I really needed to change my teeth do something about it - not just from a wellbeing perspective - there was also the serious pain.

I knew then, that I needed to change the way I felt about myself.

I accepted that my teeth that would be the inaugural step change for my confidence, that I had to get something done about it and get that Hollywood Grill, right? 

So, I started researching online.

I knew that I wanted to find a practice that was reputable, practitioners that would take time to understand their patient and worked with leading products and be committed to the success of the patient outcome.

I had a number of conversations over email with a number of practitioners in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City throughout the search, as well.

Ultimately, I chose I-dent Dental implant centre because all of the communication I had was really friendly, massively consultative. All my concerns and questions were addressed over email. 

The response rate was if not in the hour, then definitely within the half hour - those things mattered to me a lot, it was a calming representation of the service I could expect throughout the whole procedure. 


I found comfort in the time shared with Dr. Tung, the procedure was designed to support the intentions I had for my new look.

All of the communication with I-Dent Dental Implant Center 

Before I even got on a plane to Ho Chi Minh City, I knew the details of the procedure, how long each session was going to take, what I would be charged for the entire restoration. 

It was planned out, so well that I knew the dates I would need to be in Saigon - so I could plan my trips to like Mui Ne, an awesome beach town a few hours away and the most of the time I had while I was here on a holiday + dental work.

On arrival, it was awesome, an awesome reception - really, really cool, day spa-like floral scents - is what I’m talking about! I was greeted at the front desk by 3 really happy, enthused ladies - it was a great introduction to I-dent Dental Implant Centre.

They were also really well prepared for me, as well - which was great - I think there is a lot to be said about the way you’re invited into a practitioner’s environment, right?

Then we did the re-run of the procedure - I felt really comfortable and confident that what I had spoken about and the intentions of what I wanted to achieve was being built into the plan and was exactly the same. 

Although, as we were discussing what would take place during the sessions - I was becoming slowly more conscious of my irrational fear, well I have 3. Snakes, magpies and needles - particularly dental needles!

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that this was the probably the reason as to why I was putting off getting a full restoration done for quite a long time. 

I was even allowing myself to go through the pain with my wisdom tooth - because I was fearful of the needle!

On the day, I had this really kind of aggressive, ready, ‘gung go” approach - “no pain no gain” - like a fighter getting ready for a match! 

I thought “Lisa, it’s you VS the needle”!

It’s actually quite embarrassing, thinking back to it now - there’s me grabbing the hands of two nurses - I could see their knuckles curling under the pressure of what I was putting their hands under, which was probably a first for them, but not a first for me with a practitioner, that’s for sure.


So, they were introduced to how I handle needles!

Truth is - when I think about the amount of needles I had through the entire procedure - with each time, the thought of it just got much easier - it’s totally bearable for me now. 

I don’t have the same fearful association with needles as I did when I was on a flight thinking about whether or not I was going to be able to go through with it, just quietly!

So, thanks I-Dent Dental Implant Centre for looking out for me and being patient with me, by the way!

So now it’s over! 

Now I have the Hollywood Grill, that life changing smile, my sense of self confidence is totally different!

My social comfort and social confidence is totally different - it has taken on a new form.

I’ve gone from avoiding having conversation wiht people in elevators, or starting small talk to anyone, anywhere to feeling so much at ease with just striking up a conversation!

Not to mention how I don’t need to hog the left side of the camera whenever there is a selfie to conceal the worst and most embarrassing part of what was the old smile!

Truth is, if you’re considering dental tourism - I-Dent Dental Implant Centre are definitely the house of practitioners who have premium industry leading products to choose from. I suppose you expect that when you go to a practitioner and have some work undertaken. 

The real difference for me was the service.

The service, the team, the responses to all of my questions. There was no concern or fear that went unanswered or uncared for - that has been the best part of it.

And of course, the result. See!

I suppose my whole life you could say I’ve harboured 3 never changing fears.

The first one being magpies, snakes being another and needles.

Any kind of needle has ultimately scared me, my entire life, particularly dental needles. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that it was the reason why I delayed getting any treatment done on the pain my wisdom tooth causing me.


Initially, the pain was about once every 3 months, for a couple of hours and then a few weeks out from arriving in Vietnam, I’m talking about the pain being as frequent as once a week and for 3-4 days at a time. 

So, for a substantial amount of time, I wasn’t eating properly, sleeping properly or having considered conversations - because all I was dealing with, physically was the pain.

So, there I was thinking about how bad the situations going to be with a needle.

I arrived thinking “OK, cool, Lisa, go aggressive, take it on, no pain no gain”.

I’m embarrassed thinking back on how hard I was grabbing onto the nurse’s hands and seeing their knuckles curl under the pressure of my hand and I’ve got to say - throughout that time, in the lead up of sitting in he chair and getting ready, it was particularly relaxing!

To tell you the truth, Beyonce was playing on a screen, I could put anything on youtube and we went through Beyonce On The Run, Beyonce Live in Atlanta, Beyonce, Live in Vegas.

Ultimately, what I’m getting at is the entire environment and the team were massively patient with me in getting prepared for the needle, actually having the needle and they let me get away with not being embarrassed when I was leaving - I imagine it would have been a pretty hilarious scene and probably a first here for the practitioners here at I-dent Dental Implant Centre but, not the first - or the worst exhibition of my fear and apprehension and anxiety when it comes to a needle.

It’s actually the first needle that I’ve gotten on my own - in my life. 

As a child, I’ve always had either of my parents with me, and even when I got a needle a few months ago, I had to have a girlfriend of mine there with me and coach me through it. Now I can quite confidently say now that I-dent Dental Implant Centre have helped me get over that fear.

So, one fear down and two more to go!

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