(+84) 094 18 18 618

(+84) 094 18 18 618

Literally Painless Treatment without Any Complications

Dental implants – dental crowns – root canals

"I had one implant inserted on my right side and a crown put on a molar on my left side. This needed a 2nd stage of a root canal treatment done prior to the final stage and then completed with the crown. All this was done within 4 days of my one week holiday. This was an absolutely good value and professional service as well as literally painless treatment without any complications. Fantastic! 

This was my first visit to Dr Tung clinic and I was very impressed with a high standard of professional service, quality, technology and friendliness. I'll be returning to complete and extend my treatment and will recommend this clinic to all my friends."

Thank you very much I – Dent Dental Clinic

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Treatment received: Wisdom teeth extraction. Amazing doctor and miss Jennifer is so carring and absoluty fantastic!
Treatment received: Dental Crown. Excellent service, very good treatment with English speaking to help explain thoughout treatment process treatment cost, very good.
Treatment received: Dental Crown. Good advise on treatment and staff are patient, friendly. Communication is not really a problem. Thank you!
Treatment received: dental implant, wisdom tooth extraction. Hi my name is Lisa and I’m from Sydney and I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my journey with I-Dent Dental Implant Center.
Treatment received: teeth cleaning & polishing. Perfect job – Good job for all staffs and I really like the treatment doctor.
Treatment received: root canal treatment, dental crown. Fantastic. Five out of five unreserved excellence. Doctor over qualified both that fantastic too. Supper setup and I like DR’s who train I will recommend to all. Positive on Australian frequent flyer will follow.
My experience was very good and went well. The staffs and doctor was very helpful and thoughtful about my comfort. I will recommend this place and come back again for the great service. I want to thank everyone for their kindness and expertise.
Treatment received: Dental crown, dental implants. L'eiffel tres, rofessimelk et écoute de ses clients. Un resultfcut a la houteur de mes altenh. Feconventai vivement i-DENT.
Treatment Received: Dental Crowns, Dental Implants, Root Canals Dental Implants - New Zealnd
I would like to say thank you to Dr Tung and his team, also to the beautiful Quyen for looking after myself and friend, Lorraine and her husband Greg during our time in Vietnam.
My treatment plan was extraction of 7 teeth, 11 crowns and 12 implants and anything else that needed to be done and Dr Tung only had 10 days to complete....a big job!
I selected I-Dent Implant Centre because I felt comfortable when I was emailing and asking questions. The dentist inspected my teeth and I decided to crown all my teeth, they also told me I should have two implants which I didn’t want to do.

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